Quickies: Snooki Gets Naked & The Real Purpose Of “Teen Mom”

  • Snooki. Naked. [Dlisted]
  • Warning: these songs are not for the goody-goody listeners. Here is a list of the 50 Sexiest Songs Of All Time that only talk aboutSex!. [Billboard.com]
  • On the contrary, these songs claim the sex factor, but falls short. [NPR]
  • Guilt trip: Do you use condoms for oral sex? [TrèsSugar]

  • Is MTV’s “Teen Mom” about lessons or ratings. We bet ratings. [College Candy]
  • Brittany Murphy’s last film, the psychological thriller “Abandoned,” will be released this summer. [Starpulse]
  • These carry-alls from Ally Capellino will replace your Longchamp tote. [Refinery 29]