Enter This V-Day Haiku Contest

In honor of the impending holiday (the one that starts with a “V”), Breakup Girl, the superhero whose domain is love or the lack thereof, is sponsoring a relationship-themed Haiku contest. Her blog, which combines comics, observations and dating news with classic advice letters, would not be complete without some love poetry. If you want a real challenge, try to communicate all of the lust, anguish, heartbreak, joy, and sorrow of your last relationship in 17 syllables. That breaks down to five-seven-five, math wizards. Team Breakup Girl and celebrity guest judge Joel Stein will pick zee winner from the top five entries, and the 2010 Haiku Master will be announced on Monday, February 15. After the jump, check out some our favorite entries, plus my own. [Breakup Girl]Some great entries:

We’re so different.

For example, I’m a Mac.

And you’re an a**hole.

Valentine’s reminds:

Get out the calendar, call


A bit impatient,

Your Facebook Info still reads

Relationship: Single.

One I just came up with right now:

Why do you want to

see me now, after ten years?

To dump me again.

What will yours be? Share your haiku in the comments.