DIY Nails A La Cushnie Et Ochs Runway

Trend de la Creme has cutely dubbed the nail styles that came down the runway at Cushnie et Ochs’s New York Fashion Week Showing shrapnel manicures. I dig! Since it didn’t seem too hard to get that messed-up metal look, I decided to give it a try myself. [Trend de la Creme]

  • Pick a base coat color. (I went with a deep red for V-Day, but if you want something closer to the picture, obviously go with a silver or bronze.) Don’t paint your entire hand, but work one nail at a time as you want to take advantage of the gooey surface before it dries. Paint on two to three thick coats.
  • For the “shrapnel,” you can either cut up teeny pieces of aluminum foil, or any other metallic paper. Shamefully, I was out of foil, so I used a corner of a butter wrapper (what???).
  • While your nail is still wet, drop your shrapnel pieces onto the surface using tweezers. It doesn’t have to be perfect or precise! The style looks better when it’s messy. You can use the tip of your tweezers to move the pieces into place, but don’t worry about getting all the ends flat—texture is good.
  • Once you have your shrapnel in place and the nail is semi-dry, coat generously with clear polish. And voilà!