5 Flicks To Get You Psyched For The Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics kick off tonight! The opening ceremony will surely offer up its usual blend of interpretive dance, laser lights, ridiculous torch-igniting stunts, and home-country artists. For some, this is enough to get them in the Olympic mood. But for those who are not so easily excited, we’ve complied a list of great, pump-you-up Winter Olympic flicks. So clear out your Valentine’s Day weekend—you’ve got some movies to watch.

1. “Miracle” — At a time when Disney was determined to release horrible movie after horrible movie based on their theme park attractions, they also slyly put out this gem. “Miracle” is about the 1980 U.S. hockey team as they fought to overtake the Russians for the gold. The films follows the sports movie formula—a dramatized series of ups and down—delivering a heartwarming and patriotic story. Also with the Capital’s powerhouse Alec Ovechkin on this year’s Russian hockey team, it may be the only chance you get to see American hockey beat out the Ruskies this year.

2. “Cool Runnings” — Jamaican bobsledders, holler! This surprisingly entertaining comedy centers around the journey of the 1988 Jamaican bobsled team. Have you ever wondered how someone living in Jamaica would train for the Winter Olympics? Neither have I, but “Cool Runnings” gives you the answer. Plus, it features a classic John Candy performance.

3. “The Cutting Edge” — What happens when a snotty ice princess and a macho hockey player have to work together? Perfectionist skater Kate and ex-hockey dude Doug are faced with overcoming their dislike for each other in an effort to win a gold medal, which both were denied at the previous Olympic Games. My knowledge of romantic odd-couple comedies says that love might get in the way.

4. “Blades of Glory” — If you need some laughs, “Blades of Glory” is a fictional comedy about the first male-male pair to compete in the Olympics. Will Ferrell and Jon Heder play Chazz and Jimmy, two skaters who are stripped of their medals and right to compete in any men’s single competition after having a fight on the medal podium. Four years later, the two have found a loophole and come back to compete as a male-male pair. Don’t expect that same “Cutting Edge” chemistry.

5. “Men with Brooms” — I know as much about this film as I do about curling—which is very little. But after figuring out that this Canadian comedy exists, I plan to change that. The film follows a reunited curling team as they deal with personal problems and the quest for the Golden Broom, the Stanley Cup of curling. This one features cameos from Leslie Nielsen, all your favorite curling stars, and the Canadian band Tragically Hip. It could be the best curling film ever made! Not that it has much competition.