10 Bitter Celebrity Custody Battles

custody bristol and levi 1 jpg
I guess Levi Johnston’s peen isn’t bringing in as much money as he had hoped. Or at least that’s what he’s saying in court, in order to get out of paying the $1,760 a month that Bristol Palin is requesting as child support for their son, Tripp. Why can’t he pay up? He says his income is erratic. Translation: his penis is unemployed. Bristol just wants him to get a job, see his son, and keep the child support flowing. Ruh-roh. Do I see a bitter custody battle in their future? [RadarOnline.com]

These two should quit while they’re ahead. They can learn a thing or two from celebs who have gone before them. After the jump, some more really messy custody battles. Beware, Bristol and Levi. This could be you.

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