Why Are Celebs In Such A Rush To Show Off Their Post-Baby Bodies?

This week, Kendra Wilkinson appeared on the cover of OK! Magazine in a tiny blue bikini, holding sweet baby Hank alongside a coverline designed specifically to taunt mothers everywhere: “My Body After Baby. How I Lost 25 Lbs In 8 Weeks.” Meanwhile, Gisele Bundchen, who gave birth to an adorable little boy in early December, has already done her first post-baby photo shoot and will be posting the images on her website any day now. According to New York magazine, she looks exactly the way she did before pregnancy. Which reminds us of Heidi Klum, who appeared in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show just weeks after giving birth. What is this ladies—a race?I am a minimum of five years away from having babies, but on behalf of all moms out there, I am calling foul. One of my closest friends gave birth on New Year’s Eve and six weeks later, her doctor just cleared her to start exercising again. Losing baby weight in eight weeks just can’t be healthy. Not to mention that flaunting it in this way makes it look as easy as flipping off a light switch, when we all know that’s just not the case.

So, to all the new mothers out there—if you are game, will you send a photo of your post-baby body to [email protected]? I’ll crop out faces, so you’re not identifiable, and make a collage out of the photos so we can have a realistic look at the female body two months after pregnancy.