When Anna Says Red, You Go Red

We’ve all heard the stories of Anna Wintour casually suggesting something of a beauty change to a model or designer and theverynexthour said model or designer has put that piece of “advice” into effect. Well, word is that model Maggie Rizer (she was huge in the late ’90s/early ’00s and featured in campaigns for Calvin Klein, GAP, every country-version of Vogue, etc. … then her dad up and stole her millions to play the lotto—and lost), has heard from fashion’s end-all, be-all. Anna said that she’d like to see Maggie back as a redhead. Sure, casual comment. Except that it’s not at all casual. According to the NY Post, Maggie is set to walk herself into a salon today to go back to her carrot-top color, the same color that launched her career back in the ’90s, despite the fact that she’s not thrilled about the idea, “Blond is her natural color, and she really doesn’t want to go back to being a redhead. But she felt enormous pressure to do it,” said some NY Post informant. Huh. Well, which color should she go for? The blond or the red? [Page Six]