The Frisky Girl (Friend) Code

Annika Harris | February 11, 2010 - 12:30 pm

I’ve been having a months-long feud with my best friend. I won’t go into all the details, but I pretty much believe she’s unwilling to admit her fault in this situation, though I realize that I had a part in the conflict, too. What could have prevented our disagreement? I decided to search deep within myself and examine how my friend hurt me in order to come up with a list of guidelines, a girl code that will hopefully help you with your best buds. Don’t forget to leave your suggestions in the comments.

  • Don’t date a friend’s ex, even if she says it’s totally OK.
  • Always be wiling to pass her a tampon.
  • Be a shoulder to cry on, but tell a friend when it’s time to get over it.
  • Online stalk your friend’s crush and/or ex with her, as long as it doesn’t get too crazy.
  • Don’t let your friends go out if they look horrible.
  • Be willing to accept PMS abuse; your time for payback will come too.
  • Don’t let a friend drive drunk, at any cost.
  • Don’t tell your friends’ secrets.
  • Don’t gossip about your friends.
  • Talk it out before resorting to not speaking.
  • Babysit to give a necessary breather.
  • Say “no” when you need/want to.
  • Don’t discuss heavy topics over instant message.
  • Tell her when it’s time to stop plucking her brows.
  • Accept her criticism.
  • If you think she’s dating a jerk, give her your honest opinion before she does something huge, like marry him.
  • If she’s still working to get her career off the ground, pick up the tab for drinks every once in a while.
  • Don’t rub your new guy in her single face.
  • Talk her out of purchases that will definitely land her in credit card debt.
  • Don’t talk smack about her family, but it’s okay to listen while she talks smack and agree.
  • Call when you say you are going to call.
  • Don’t bail by sending a text message 15 minutes before you’re supposed to be somewhere.