Quotable: Even Dolphins Want To Get With Jennifer Garner

“It was a male dolphin. I was on the side of the tank, talking to the dolphin trainer and the dolphin was swimming really close to me. I had my feet dangling in the water and the dolphin came and swam right over my foot. And I thought, ‘That was so cool. Look, this dolphin likes me.’ The dolphin comes around again and it started going faster and faster around my foot , and like really rubbing against my leg. And then … the dolphin does something. I said to the trainer, ‘I think the dolphin just peed.’ And he said, ‘No ma’am.’ And I said, ‘That’s so strange, I didn’t feel anything.’ And he said, ‘That’s often the way it is, ma’am.'”

Jennifer Garner, on getting up close and personal with a dolphin during the making of “Fantasy Island”