Meet The Girl Who Sleeps For 2 Weeks At A Time

Most teenagers sleep a lot, but not like 15-year-old Louisa Ball of the U.K. Louisa suffers from a rare neurological sleep disorder called Kleine-Levin Syndrome, where she can doze off for up to two weeks at a time. Doctors aren’t sure what causes these bouts of deep sleep, but they suspect something with the brain’s hypothalamus goes awry.

Oh, and FYI, Kleine-Levin Syndrome affects males 70 percent of the time. But Louisa is so gorgeous, we can see why the Daily Mail couldn’t resist slapping up her picture as a “real life Sleeping Beauty.” Doctors say Louisa will likely grow out of the sleep disorder with age. In the meantime, she misses everything from classes to college test prep to family trips. She once even slept through an entire one-week family vacation! Louisa gets woken up by her family once a day to use the bathroom and eat, so she also sleeps through meals! Her father told the Daily Mail, “When she wakes up, afterwards she goes straight to the biscuit cupboard and raids it. She is so hungry, its like she has been hibernating.” Taking stimulant drugs to stay awake — one of the only ways to treat Kleine-Levin Syndrome — was not successful for her, although lately she’s been on a medication that’s had her sleeping normally for up to seven weeks.

Here’s hoping the “real life Sleeping Beauty” does grow out of Kleine-Levin Syndrome … but may she continue to always look well-rested. [Daily Mail]