What The Heck Is “Hypnosex”?

Alrighty folks, this is a new one for ya. Apparently, the sexual mash-up of the moment is called “erotic hypnosis” or “hypnosex,” i.e., a person performing hypnosis on another for sexual gratification. It’s essentially about mental control rather than physical. So how does this work? An erotic hypnotist (they’re called “hypnodommes”— you can find plenty of them on the interwebs) meets a client for an in-person session where they hypnotize them and talk them through a sexual fantasy. Hypnodommes also sell sexy mp3 recordings that claim to do the same. A hypnodomme can also supposedly help the “hypnosub” (I just made that word up) break through sexual blocks and barriers. I just listened to one recording by a “hypnodomme” named Isabella Valentine and it was kind of like Pink Floyd meets Enya in a really creepy way. I’m still not sure I get the point if you just forget the whole thing afterward because you were hypnotized. But it sounds safe enough—no actual physical contact—and the trend is really taking off. Perfect for the person who likes to fall asleep right after having an orgasm. Oh wait … that’s every guy in the world. [Asylum]