Boob Tube News: Betty White To Host “SNL”? The End Of “Friday Night Lights”?

  • Who would be the best host of “Saturday Night Live” ever? Betty White! A very vocal group of fans on Facebook are pushing for the 88-year-old to host the show. When I checked, there were over 190,000 fans. I say it’s a go.
  • On Tuesday, “I Love New York 2″ contestant Jamal Rashead Trulove was convicted of first-degree murder. In 2007, just three weeks after filming the VH1 show, Trulove shot and killed Seu Kuka in San Francisco. Trulove was only on one episode—he was dismissed early for fighting. Kinda makes you wonder about the screening process for these shows, huh? Sadly, he’s not the first person suspected of murder after appearing on a VH1 dating show. [Yahoo]

  • And more sad news, though not of the life-or-death kind. Rumor has it that the fifth season of “Friday Night Lights” will be the last. If you are addicted to this popular NBC drama, don’t worry—you’ll have plenty of time to ween yourself off. The fifth season isn’t going to hit the network until 2011, although it will be available on DirecTV this fall. [EW]