Groom Accuses Bride Of Hiding Her Facial Hair With A Veil

An Arab ambassador to Dubai hastily tried to divorce his new bride after he lifted the niqab veil covering her face for the first time ever and saw his wifey was cross-eyed and sporting a beard. Aw, poor lady. The pissed-off groom claimed his mother-in-law duped him into the marriage by showing him photographs of the bride’s sister; plus, the few times the groom met his bride in person, she wore the face-covering naqib veil the whole time.
In the divorce, the groom asked to be compensated for all the money he spent on jewelry, clothes and gifts. He got his divorce granted, but his bearded bride got to keep all the swag.

The groom added insult to injury, though, when he asked the judge to require the bride get tested for a “hormonal imbalance.” She visited a specialist and she’s fine, of course; all of us ladies get a little peach fuzz now and then! I guess she’s just never heard of Nair? [Gulf News]