Frisky Reader Revealed: AnitaBath Doesn’t Need A Bath … She Cleans Up Real Nice

Hands down, the best thing about working at The Frisky is our amazing readers. We so heart all of your witty, thoughtful, and informative comments—heck, we even appreciate the mean ones. Sometimes, we can’t help but wonder about the faces behind avatars. We decided to launch a weekly column where we learn all about a Frisky reader. After the jump, meet AnitaBath, one of our most prolific commenters.The Frisky: Anitabath, please state your full name, age, and location for The Friskyverse.

JH: Julie. I’m going to be 20 in April, and I’m currently residing in Bloomington, Indiana, where I attend Indiana University, although I’m originally from a quaint, historic town in central Indiana.

The Frisky: How did you find the site?

JH: I spent way too much time using StumbleUpon last year. It would occasionally bring me to a Frisky article, which I of course loved. Finally I realized the only reason I continued Stumbling was because I was looking for articles like the ones I found on The Frisky, so it was kind of an epiphany when I said to myself, “Why don’t I just go to the actual website?” And it’s been true love ever since.

The Frisky: What do you do all day, other than follow The Frisky, which is totally condoned?

JH: School takes up most of my time. I’m majoring in Nutrition Science with a minor in creative writing. I was going PreMed (technically I still am), but did some recent soul searching and realized I was pursuing it for the wrong reasons and it’s not what I want to do. So I’m now leaning towards the physician’s assistant route. I also work at Lands’ End at Sears during the breaks and on some of the weekends that I go home.

The Frisky: Relationship status?

JH: I’m in an awesome, somewhat secretive relationship with an older guy.

The Frisky: What is your fave post in recent Frisky history?

JH: I really enjoyed the recent giveaway contests, and especially liked the one for the kimono asking how we get our significant others “in the mood.” It was hilarious and awesome, and it was like every Frisky frequenter was humping anything with a slight vibration for days afterward.

The Frisky: What are your pop culture guilty pleasures?

JH: I don’t really have any. I watch “The Soup” religiously, and basically keep up with reality shows that way.

The Frisky: Can you share your most embarrassing dating story? We always share ours. It’s only fair.

JH: I really don’t have any embarrassing dating stories since I hardly have any dating stories. The closest is this “date” I went on last year, and I’m more embarrassed to admit I gave the guy the opportunity. He kept pestering me to give him a chance and hang out with him. I told him, “No,” but he was persistent and cute, and I was desperate and lonely. This was also before I knew my roommate gave horrendous advice, so when she told me I had nothing to lose (except my dignity!) I gave in. The guy was a self-absorbed douche who only talked about himself and how he had “so much to offer.” He wouldn’t stop talking about how blond bombshells always hit on him, but he wanted someone with a “good personality.” That’s why he was giving me a chance, because he’s going for personality now instead of looks. He doesn’t care how I look, because he likes that I’m a “real girl.” He at one point grabbed my thigh, GASPED, and then grabbed his own as he shouted, “Look how much smaller mine is!” He wouldn’t date anyone heavier than him, but he might make an exception for me because I had some nice, big “assets,” Ha … ha … ha. When he finally left, he asked if he could kiss me. I should have been more assertive, but instead just gave a pained face as I shook my head and made a long, drawn-out sound that obviously meant “no.” Ever the persistent one, he went in for a peck. It was definitely not a peck. He pretty much tried to consume my entire face. When I finally managed to detach myself from his suction-cup kiss and escaped, I received a text from him asking what I thought of it. After I turned him down, he found my roommate on Facebook and told her that no one ever taught me how to kiss and I haven’t hooked up with enough people. While it’s not your stereotypical embarrassing date story, I try to pretend that it never happened. I was ashamed to tell my friends about it, and we only refer to him as “The Shop-Vac” now.

The Frisky: Who is your celebrity doppelganger?

JH: I’ve gotten Camilla Belle and Winnie Cooper. Maybe a freak mutation of the two?

The Frisky: What type of skivvies do you have on right now?

JH: Just some boring navy hipsters I got from Victoria’s Secret.

The Frisky: Can you share the last text message you sent?

JH: “Should we hit up that one antique store on Kirkwood with the rebellious hours after class tomorrow? I can just hear more creepy pictures beckoning.”

The Frisky: What is your secret talent?

JH: I can program a VCR and have been able to do so since I was four, when I used to set it to record “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” after my bedtime. As for a talent that hasn’t been rendered obsolete, I’m also really good at remembering names and faces, even though I frequently come across as a creeper because of said talent.

The Frisky: Favorite book, movie, musician or band?

JH: I can’t choose just one, because I equally love Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, The First Law Trilogy, Watchmen, and Kristin Lavransdatter. “Pride and Prejudice” is my go-to movie, and I love “Flight of the Conchords” and even saw them live!

The Frisky: Who is your celebrity obsession?

JH: I loooove Joel McHale and James McAvoy. I love to admire James McAvoy from afar, but my obsession with Joel McHale is more personal. My friend and I saw him do stand-up when he came to Indiana, and my highest expectation was to get within a ten-foot radius of that dreamboat. Not only did we get an autograph and get a picture with him (in which he has his arm around me), but he called us cute/hot! We were barely outside of the doors before we started screaming and jumping up and down like we were at a Miley Cyrus concert. Permanent self-esteem boost, right there.

The Frisky: What’s something you hope to see more of on The Frisky?

JH: I love the articles where all the readers joke around and have a good time, and I also love the ones where the staff tells stories about their own lives. Those are the ones that really caught my eye while I was Stumbling.