“Biggest Loser” Trainer Sued For Pushing Diet Pills That Don’t Work

Isn’t it kind of messed up when celebs use their fame to push pills that don’t work—or worse, that could be dangerous? That’s just what “Biggest Loser” trainer Jillian Michaels did when she threw her weight (pun!) behind a diet supplement called “Jillian Michaels’ Maximum Strength Calorie Control.” The trainer is now facing a $5 million lawsuit because, surprise, the pills don’t really do anything. The motto is: “Two Capsules Before Main Meals and You Lose Weight … That’s It.” And, like many things that sound too good to be true—it is. The allegations of the class action lawsuit are that the product is totally worthless and Michaels is guilty of false advertising. [PopEater]

Unfortunately, a lot of peeps use their fame to sell diet supplements. Ahem, Kardashians for Quick Trim, and Carmen Electra for NV Weight Loss. Personally, I think this is pretty messed up. These gals have (or had) amazing trainers, professional chefs and all the nutrition advice they could ever ask for. I’d be shocked if they were actually downing pills that are not only ineffective, but could be really, really bad for you.