Alexander McQueen Commits Suicide

World-renowned fashion designer Alexander McQueen has committed suicide at 40. McQueen became legendary for his provocative shows and refusal to pander to the fashion masses. Outfitting his models with metal bodices and moving them like chess pieces on the runway, the designer relentlessly raised the bar as his peers aspired to imitate his inimitable style. Three years ago, his close friend, muse, and the woman credited with discovering him, Isabella Blow, committed suicide by drinking weed killer. Just last week, his mother Joyce died. He would have unveiled his latest collection during Paris Fashion Week early next month. McQueen’s office issued a statement confirming the news, “It is a tragic loss,” adding, “We are not making a comment at this time out of respect for the McQueen family.” As someone who has followed McQueen’s work for well over a decade, this is terrifically sad news. In the McQueen boutique in New York City recently, I found the experience like moving through a museum, one in which fashion was art. As a symbol of defiant, genius, and unrelenting inspiration, he will be missed. [Daily Mail]