You Met Him Where?

Despite the old-fashioned concept that dating and work don’t mix, plenty of women have met their man at work. From restaurants to meat processing plants, you never know when your next job will land you a date. For other women, attending wrestling events, online gaming events, and shopping at the grocery store all resulted in unusual encounters, some which progressed into meaningful relationships. Think twice about going out without putting yourself together, because you never know who you’ll meet.

“I met a guy [when I] was in a line for a WWE event. I was standing right behind a man dressed as The Undertaker when he was booted out of the arena by a security guard. When I glanced at his face, I immediately recognized him as the guy I fancied from my favorite wrestling forum. I emailed him and we laughed about it. We married four years later.” — Ann, Minneapolis, MN

“I met my husband at our place of work. We both had jobs in a turkey processing plant and our department was called “Primary Boning.” It was a horrible place to work and we all had layers and layers of safety equipment distorting our figures topped off with a big yellow hard hat — not exactly glamorous. However, he wanted to meet me and set up a rendezvous with my best friend. It was then he asked me to come ‘have some tea’ at his house. I was determined to not go alone. I’m not that kind of girl and my friend came with me. The tea was awful and I barely drank it, but he was cute and sweet and I agreed for another meeting the next night. I decided he was harmless enough so I came alone.” — Jessica, Menomonie, WI

“I met my husband online after seeing him in a grocery store. The smell of roasted chicken drew me in, and upon entering the store I noticed a guy that looked very familiar. It was a guy I had noticed on a dating site. He looked surprisingly better than his web cam photo, and I was instantly attracted to him. I was also able to find out what his personality was like from afar. When I went home I immediately checked the dating site, but he had not been on for weeks. I kept watching the site, and as soon as I noticed he had been on, I paid $19.99 to gain full access. I contacted him, and the rest is history. We have been married for almost five years, and all because of the aroma of chicken wafting through a grocery store parking lot. Ironically, he was buying chicken too!” — Alyssa, Ligonier, IN

“My boyfriend and I met when we both worked at the same restaurant. The first time we ever talked to each other, we were in a burger building contest, and he accidentally knocked over my burger! I would have to say work is both a best and worst place to meet someone. Where else can grown-ups meet? However, you don’t want to work with someone you are dating or have broken up with either!” — Katie, Vancouver, Canada

“I met my husband in an online video game. We were part of the same circle of online friends, many who knew one another in real life, although we had never met face to face. We became close and realized we had many things in common. Then we began talking outside the game, and a few months later, we met. Within a year, we got married and we’ve been together for many, many years. When people ask how we met, they think we’re crazy.” — Ann, Austin, TX

“I met my husband while I was working at a Dollar General store. He often came into the store with an older gentleman who wore a priest’s collar. I assumed that he was a seminarian if he was always hanging around with a priest, so I refrained from flirting with him for the longest time. As I later found out, he simply worked for a Catholic charity, and it was his job to drive the ‘priest,’ who was actually a Holy Cross Brother from Notre Dame, to and from Mass each day. Brother Bernard, well into his 80s, was the best man at our wedding!” — Caren, Colonial Beach, VA

“One night in a not-so-chic bar, I timidly asked a loud and burly bouncer if he could open the door at the back of the bar for some air. I had on a jean jacket and he boldly told me that I should take off my jacket if I was hot … unless I had something to hide!’ I reassured him I had nothing to hide. He asked me out. I accepted and we have been together for 17 years.” — Cathy, Baldwinville, MA

“My husband and I were set up on a blind date at an ice cream parlor. The thing is I knew exactly who he was — he had been a senior in high school when I was a freshman. I had a huge crush on him back then, but he didn’t even know I was alive.” — Jennifer, Titusville, FL

“I met my husband when I was a bartender and he was a customer. At first, I wouldn’t go out with him because he always said he would never get married again. After about two years of Happy Hours, he told me he would marry me if I went out with him. We were married within a year of our first date.” — Kay, Rochester, NY

“You may not believe this, but I met my boyfriend in a forum for a writing Web site. It was kind of funny because both of us had been there for awhile, so we were able to dig up a lot of old threads with embarrassing disclosures in them. I bet if either of us knew the way it was going to turn out, we would have been more careful about what we chatted about there.” — Shelly, Rockland, MA

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