What Music Was Playing When You Lost Your V-Card?

The Frisky staff got into a discussion the other day about what kind of music gets us in the mood — we’ll share our list with you a little later — and it prompted me to ask them all the question: What music was playing when you lost your V-card? Wow, I didn’t realize I’d be opening such a can of worms! Check out our (pretty funny) answers after the jump and give us yours in the comments. And sure, you can try to guess which staffer said what, but our lips are remaining sealed! 1. “Willie Nelson’s Greatest Hits. Sigh. But it could have been worse. The guy I lost my virginity to had a ‘String Cheese Incident’ poster on his wall.”

2. “No music — a movie. ‘About a Boy.’ God.”

3. “Neil Young’s Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere. Well, ahem, it didn’t last for the whole album.”

4. “Am I the only one who is very anti-music during sex? I just can’t do it; it always feels like canned sentiment to me.”

5. “No music here either, but I did have a boyfriend that used to like to listen to Wu Tang Clan. That relationship was doomed.”

6. “No music the first time, but I did sleep with a guy who slapped a CD of his own (horrible) band on as we were getting busy. Never went there again.”

7. “A third-wave ska compilation. I thought he was just jack-rabbiting me to the beat, but when the music was off I discovered this was not the case.”

8. “Morphine’s Cure for Pain. I can’t listen to that song ‘All Wrong’ without getting a little wistful for my youth.'”