Today’s Lady News: Diane Von Furstenberg To Award Inspirational Women

  • Designer Diane Von Furstenberg has announced she will be giving “DVF Awards” to inspirational women in a ceremony on March 13. Four winners will receive prizes of $50,000 to fund their humanitarian efforts for women in places like Afghanistan and Haiti. [Women’s Wear Daily]
  • Deputy leader of the Labour party in the U.K., Harriet Harman, has gotten enough votes to become a nominee in a “Rear Of The Year” contest alongside British celebs like Cheryl Cole. Apparently this is funny because Harman is the country’s Equality Minister and a feminist. Do you think she has a chance in American Apparel’s “Best Bottom In The World” contest? [Daily Mail]

  • Movie biz gossip columnist Nikki Finke says this year is terrible for female screenwriters on network TV. Of 33 comedies picked up by ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS, only three are written by women, and of 36 dramas picked up by those same networks, only six are by women. [Deadline Hollywood]
  • The New York State Senate voted last night to expel Hiram Monserrate, a Democrat from Queens who was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend. [WCBS-TV]
  • A Planned Parenthood clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, has been put on probation by the state after a sting by anti-abortion activists showed the clinic did not always follow procedures when terminating pregnancies for minors. Upon further investigation, it was shown that since November 2008, several girls ages 13 to 15 received abortions at the clinic without parental consent, which is state law. [San Jose Mercury News]
  • Anti-abortion activists are protesting the opening of Women’s Health Services, a clinic that provides abortions, in Brookline, Massachusetts. Parents who have children at a local school have complained of the graphic pictures of fetuses on some of the signs protesters are holding. [Boston Globe]
  • Why were so many of this year’s Super Bowl commercials about men being macho? Dayo Olopade, a writer for Slate, points out that men ages 24 to 54 are at their lowest levels of employment ever and suggests men might be feeling particularly insecure about being financial providers. [Slate]
  • One of the bikini models who graces Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue is actually a Harvard sophomore named Sonia Dara. She’s an economics major, guys! [IvyGate]
  • Boobies were banned yesterday at the New Orleans Saints victory parade — tricky for a city gearing up for Mardi Gras! Hmm, wonder how many bead-laden ladies woke up this morning in the clink? [TMZ]


  • A Texan man and his girlfriend have been sentenced to nine years for baby-trafficking after they smuggled pregnant Mexican women into the United States so the children would be American citizens. The Mexican women were paid up to $3,000 for their newborns. [Washington Post]
  • Ireland published its 2009 census findings yesterday and found that Irish women only earn 87 percent of what Irish men do. Despite being paid less, Irish women live an average of five years longer. [Irish Times]
  • Uzbekistan filmmaker Umida Akhmedova has been convicted of slander and “offense through mass media” for her film “The Burden of Virginity.” The documentary explores the difficulties women in the Muslim country face on their wedding night, including showing how they must have bloodstained sheets the morning after. Fortunately, Akhmedova, who has made over 20 films about Uzbek life, was granted amnesty. [AP]