3 On-The-Mark Items From Gaultier For Target

We’re (understandably) slightly less excited about cheapie designer collaborations these days. From the shoddy construction and poor fabric quality to the fact that they’re always sold-out so quickly and priced to the max on eBay — it all makes us a little yawny. (Oh, there’s also the overkill factor; let us not ignore that one.) Still, Gaultier is a living fashion legend, and it’s kind of nifty and weird and fun and a major sign of our times that he’s joined up with Target. The collection isn’t too astounding — and we think it reads pretty young, too — but we’ve narrowed it down to a few items that you might want to consider and why.

  1. This eye-print dress is quintessential Jean Paul Gaultier — it’s so fun and quirky for a cocktail party or just to wear around town on a spring day.
  2. Similarly, the yellow one is so swingy and pretty. Would we put that other signature J.P.G. staple, a tattoo-print shirt, underneath? No, we probably would not.
  3. Moto jackets are the “in” thing to wear over dresses and soft tees come spring, but they’re expensive, so this is a good way to buy into the look cheaply if you’re a real style whore. Or just buy those fingerless driving gloves she’s wearing with the eye dress for a way subtler look.