So Where’s Our “Mad Men” Valentine?

So it looks like my plan to get Jon Hamm as a Valentine’s Day date probably won’t pan out. But I have found the next best thing: “Mad Men” Valentines. Now instead of being wooed by the bearded Hamm, I can learn about how love is manufactured sham from the dapper Don. How romantic! The rest of the cast gets their own cards to give their individual words of wisdom on the ways of love. Keep reading to see a few more of my favorites from this genius valentines collection
Oh, Pete Campbell your slimy chauvinism even translates to cutesy cards. This is a perfect way to say “Don’t worry, honey. I will try to demean you every day of your life.”

Peggy provides the perfect card to break it to your man that he will be flying solo on V-day, and that maybe he should work on his, ahem, skills.

Joan knows the holiday is all about the good things in life: chocolate, jewelry, and a man’s undivided attention.

See the rest of the set at the artist’s site and let us know if these valentines would woo you.