Rachel Uchitel Gets A Gig At “Extra,” And Other Scandalite Career Leaps

Rachel Uchitel, who holds the dubious honor of being the first woman linked to Tiger Woods, has landed herself a new, hard-to-get gig as a reporter for “Extra.” Apparently, during a recent interview, she “so impressed producers that she’s been offered a job as a special correspondent,” explained a spokesperson for the show. In addition to covering nightlife hot spots, Rachel will get personal on the air—just not about Tiger—and discuss her quest to find a good man. [Radar]

This has me thinking—is being involved in a sex scandal a shortcut to a media career? Because Rachel isn’t nearly the only scandalite who seems to have been fast-tracked. Ashley Dupre, better known as Kristin, aka Eliot Spitzer’s favorite prostitute, managed to spin her notoriety into a career. First, she got herself hired as a model at New York Fashion Week. And in December, she got an honor usually bestowed on those in the industry for decades—an advice column in the the New York Post called “Ask Ashley.”

Meanwhile, Ashley’s former madam, Kristin Davis, is getting into politics. First, she said she was starting a campaign to run for comptroller of New York. Now she’s upped the ante to governor—she’s running as a Libertarian and a major GOP consultant is running her campaign. “This is not a hoax, a prank or a publicity stunt,” he said. “I want to get her a half-million votes.” [NY Mag]

That said, no one has heard a peep from Rielle Hunter in, oh, years. Ditto for Maria Chapur, whose tan lines governor Mark Sanford was addicted to. And when it came out that Telemundo reporter Mirthala Salinas was having an affair with Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, she was let go as an on-air personality and had to rebuild a career on radio. But still, there certainly seems to be something to this.