It’s Official: No More “Music” In MTV

Call me grandma, but I fondly remember the days when MTV played actual music. When I was 14, I’d stay up late watching “Alternative Nation” and “120 Minutes,” just praying that they’d play “You Outta Know” or “The Sweater Song”—headphones on, of course, so as not to get busted by the parentals. It’s been years since I’ve seen an actual video on the channel, but now it is finally official. With the redesign of the network, MTV has dropped “Music Television” from the bottom of its logo. “The people who watch it today, they don’t refer to MTV as music television. They don’t have that same emotional connection,” explained MTV’s head of marketing. She says the idea had come up before but that “we had never taken the idea upstairs. We thought, ‘No one is ever going to let us do this.’ It’s the one thing we’ve never touched … But it felt like, ‘Why have we been so scared when the channel itself has evolved so much over the years?'” While this does make a lot of sense, it also feels like the end of an era. And honestly, shouldn’t they have cut to the chase and changed it to STV—short for Snooki Television, natch? [LA Times]

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