3 Big Things To Avoid On Valentine’s Day

Over at the Daily Mail today, there’s an, um, interesting article about what you should and shouldn’t wear if you want to get lucky with your date on Valentine’s Day. The writer, you see, has been schooled by plenty o’ men and has learned designer duds and super high heels scream “high maintenance” to all men and will guarantee you’ll be spending the night alone. Find out what she says to avoid, as well as my suggestions, after the jump …

  • A JUMPSUIT: it will take too long to get undressed.
  • OVERLY clumpy shoes: you will be too tall and unwilling to walk far.
  • A PRINT: men hate prints — they see them as too girly if floral, too scary if graphic. Colour frightens them.
  • HAREM pants: your legs will look short.
  • A STATEMENT necklace: it will prevent him from nibbling your neck.
  • SOCKS: just don’t — no pop socks, or droopy chiffon stockings.
  • BIG bangles: they will just get in the way.
  • GLOOPY lip gloss, false eyelashes, colourful eyeshadow, heavy foundation. Men hate the taste of make-up.
  • SKINNY jeans with ballet flats: ‘Just ghastly,’ was how one man described this look to me. ‘Like Max Wall.’
  • AVOID hair ornaments, and any type of hair product: your hair should smell and feel clean.
  • NO BUNIONS: Feet are very important: no crusty heels, chipped polish or blisters, please.

Now, check out my suggestions for what to avoid if you want your date to be a success.


  • Douchey dudes who pay way more attention to what you’re wearing than what you’re saying and how you’re behaving.
  • Advice from women who have had one too many jerky guys criticize their style.
  • Aiming for perfection. Aim, instead, to have a good time and enjoy yourself.

Any other suggestions?