The Bad Breakup Hall Of Fame

Unless you marry your first boyfriend, you probably have some experience with breakups. While some relationships end amicably, others have rather intense conclusions. From scary to almost funny, 10 women across the country share their tales of terrible breakups.

“I dated a guy for about three months. He wanted to meet my parents. While we were there, he asked to use the bathroom. He was gone quite a while and I discovered him in my parents’ walk-in closet, actually trying on some of my father’s clothes! That totally creeped me out and we broke up.” — Janice, Phoenix, AZ

“My worst breakup happened with my first love. He slept with another woman the week before my birthday and made plans with some friends, including her, on my birthday weekend. I flipped, told him I wanted nothing to do with him again, and punched a hole in the wall (open palm).” — Janel, Elkton, MD

“There was a guy who kept breaking up with me and coming back into my life. I found out he would bounce back and forth between me and another woman. During one of these break-ups, I met a wonderful guy and we started dating. He was stable and devoted, and I guess I wasn’t ready for that. When the first guy’s friend practically begged me to give him another chance, I relented and broke up with the new guy. I could tell I thoroughly broke his heart, and I will never forget that. I left a guy who treated me like gold just to be dumped a couple more times before finally giving up on the first guy. Looking back now, I see that I felt I didn’t deserve to be happy so I kept making bad choices.” — Angel, Athens, Ohio

“My worst breakup would be the one where we didn’t actually break up. He just stopped calling or answering my calls. When I went to his house to make sure he was all right and possibly break it off, the new residents informed me he no longer lived there. They had just moved in. I never found out where he went. But since he didn’t even have the decency to tell me, I no longer cared.” — April, Houston, TX

“The worst breakup story was deciding to end an almost 8-year-long relationship. It felt like losing a limb. It was a well-thought out process and for the best, but it still wasn’t easy. Ending a long relationship feels like a divorce; there was a division of assets, arguments over who keeps the dogs and plenty of money lost.” — Nina, Shippensburg, PA

“I once dated a man from my work and did not know he was married. When I found out I broke off the relationship. He stalked me and placed a bomb in my car. He lost his job. I had to move and well, to say the least, I learned a good lesson.” — CJ, Portland, OR

“I was going to college that fall, and had moved away to work closer to the college that summer. My high school boyfriend came to visit me, and when I broke up with him, he broke my fingers trying to get a Claddaugh ring he had given me off my finger. Then, as he roared away in his car, he swerved to try and hit me.” — Kerry, Springfield, MA

“I was engaged once before, but decided to break it off because I discovered I didn’t really love him, and I was settling. It broke his heart and was a complete surprise for him. I’m glad I listened to my gut though, because after that I found my true love!” — Diana, Worcester, MA

“I was dumped after having the time of my life with a guy I had been seeing for a year. After a particularly nice week, he asked me if I had enjoyed myself. I said yes and he said, ‘Well, good, I am glad because I do not want to see you anymore!’ He showed me the time of my life so he could end it without guilt on his part!” — Cathy, Baldwinville, MA

“Back in high school, I was trying to be nice by breaking up with a guy I was seeing for a short time in person. I was going to get back together with my long-time boyfriend. I made a lot of mistakes that night, including believing him when he said his uncle was home. When I told him I did not want to see him anymore, he literally kept me there by sitting on top of me, and would not let me leave until I did something sexual to him. The next day at school he told horrendous stories in an attempt to ruin my relationship and my reconciliation with my boyfriend.” — Josie, Brattleboro, VT

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