Play Dress-Up — With His Penis!

dapercowboy 2210 g jpg
Is there a little part of you, sir, that wants to dress up every now and then? Is that little part your penis? Well, you’re in luck! Dapper Dicks has made a full range of sexytime costumes for the distinguished gentleman’s genitalia. You can put the salute in your pants with army fatigues! Sink into some booty as a pirate! Put the G in genitals with the gangster suit! Or even ride ‘em cowboy with Western wear (pictured). All of the outfits come with a matching hat for his, uh, head.

The husband/wife team that created the below-the-belt couture promise their outfits follow the “dress for success” motto and are sure to help you get your wang back in business. Or as they put it:

“Dapper Dicks LLC is a clothing line that has been designed to assist you in being the initiator in your relationship. Yes, lets face it, she’s in control! If you can make her laugh and be a little more creative on your quest you will more than likely succeed.

Uh huh. So, Frisky readers, do you agree? If a guy dropped his pants and his dong was wearing a fireman’s costume, would you be more likely to let him hose you down? [WOW Report]

For more visuals, ’cause I know your imagination is runnin’ wild, check out the costume catwalk after the jump.

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