New York Governor David Paterson Denies Sex Scandal Rumors

Very Important Question: if former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who resigned amidst a prostitution scandal, is the “Luv Guv,” what will we call the current governor, David Paterson, if the rumors that he’s cheating on his wife are true?

On Jan. 18, gossip column Page Six reported that two eyewitnesses had seen Paterson canoodling with family friend, Jennifer Jones, and kissing her neck at a New Jersey steak house. Then, on Jan. 30, Page Six dropped another bombshell: A state trooper patrolling the governor’s executive mansion claimed to have caught Paterson “snuggling” in a utility closet with a woman who was not his wife.

Alas, we may never have to think of a nickname more than “Luv Guv #2.” Gov. Paterson met with the Associated Press yesterday and vehemently denied all allegations against him. “For the last couple of weeks, I have been the subject of … a spate of outrageous rumors about me,” Paterson griped, slamming the media as “callous and sleazy.” Rumors had been percolating since last week that The New York Times would drop a “bombshell” story on either Monday or Wednesday that would force the governor to resign. When reached by Gawker, however, a spokeswoman for Gov. Paterson insisted on Monday, “There is absolutely zero truth to these rumors. The governor is not resigning.” The spokeswoman said the Times was indeed working on a story about Paterson, but insisted it was simply a regular old profile for the paper’s Metro section.

Still, all the tongue-wagging is perfectly understandable: After his 2008 swearing-in ceremony, Gov. Paterson and his wife, Michelle, admitted in a joint interview that that they both had intimate relationships with other partners during a rough patch in their marriage. According to Paterson, a marriage counselor suggested they introduce “new and exciting things” into their lives and for the governor, this meant a two- or three-year-long relationship carried on with another woman.

When interviewed in 2008, NY’s First Lady said she never worried about her husband’s infidelity. “I have a philosophy in life: You have to let people live their life,” Michelle said. “I feel my husband loves me and is devoted to the family. And I know he loves me. I am not going to worry about that stuff.” [New York Post]