Meg Ryan Broke Up Tim Robbins And Susan Sarandon? And Other Unlikely Homewreckers …

homewrecker meg ryan jpg
Rumor has it that perhaps it wasn’t Susan Sarandon‘s dalliances with a sexy, young ping-pong player that broke up her 23-year relationship with Tim Robbins. The word on the street is that he was getting some on the side from Meg Ryan. Noooo! According to Star, which fortunately isn’t the most reputable source, Robbins and Ryan have been having a secret affair on-and-off for years, ever since they starred together in “I.Q.” The reason we had no idea is that they’re in no hurry to go public since Meg worries she’ll be seen as a homewrecker. Not to condone cheating, but I like the idea that Sarandon’s a hot cougar way better. And who would think sweet Meg Ryan and her muppet lips would be so destructive? [Celebitchy]

America’s sweetheart just joined our list of unlikely homewreckers.

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