Italian Vogue Says “Be Yourself,” Just Make Sure You Look Like This

This month’s Italian Vogue came out emblazoned with an all-caps rallying cry for all the “individuals” out there. Oddball models Jamie Bochert and Agyness Deyn pose poutily on either side of crazy-dressing heiress Daphne Guinness and for a second we were a bit heartened. Daphne isn’t even a model! There’s a cowboy hat involved! Yes, we see some thigh and midriff, but everyone’s relatively clothed! Oh, but wait: all three have matching dark brown hair and are roughly the size of a twig. Couple this new, pseudo-unique Italian Vogue cover with the naked LOVE mag images — which claimed to be all about showing different sized beautiful people but featured only tall, thin models — floating around the net lately and it looks like we have an icky trend on our hands: Magazines are simply jumping on the individuality bandwagon without actually committing to the ideology.
We don’t honestly expect to see real-looking women on the cover of Vogue. It’s sad, but we’ve come to terms with the unrealistic obsession with the cult of thin. But, while it’s easy enough to accept when magazines are up-front about it, things get much muddier when a 25-inch waist versus a 23-inch one is being used to say that beauty comes in all sizes, as it was in LOVE.

So, magazines, be shallow and unrealistic, but don’t try to convince us that two models and a model-thin heiress are something new and individual. Seriously, no one’s buying it.