Google’s Latest Launch: A Fashion Line

Not only is Google trying to take over the entire world, but they’re also attempting to invade your closets. Apparently, the Internet giant is selling some rather high-fashion goods in its Google Store. This small trio of items represents the winners of the Vogue/CDFA competition in which, “Each [designer] was asked to create a one-of-a-kind item that was inspired by Google, whether it be the logo’s colors, technology, or access to information … ”

Cool idea, yet the products are pretty pricey and don’t offer enough innovation in aesthetics for us to drop the $85 on a t-shirt, $300 for a knit scarf, or $200 for a magnifying glass necklace. However, the proceeds do go back to the CFDA to support emerging designers. What do you think? [Huffington Post]

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