Beauty How-To: Wax Your Eyebrows

Nair smells, tweezers take too long, and razors should stay below the neck. If your looking for a fast and less painful way to fix your brows at home, waxing is the only option. Don’t be afraid of botching a wax, or being too timid to pull- we’ll have you waxing your way to fab arches before you can say “I saved on a $15 appointment!”

Prepare the Area:
No one needs the baby bumps that plague brows after a wax. Cleanse the area with soap or face wash to remove buildup that will clog pores.

Mark Your Shape:
Use a makeup pencil to mark the point on your brow directly above the inner corner of your eye, where the arch peaks on the underside of your brow, and the end point of the brow. This connect-the-dots curve is where you should apply your wax.

Desensitize Your Skin:
Apply an astringent, or witch hazel, to numb the sensitive area under your brows.

Remove the Hair:
Every waxing kit is different, so make sure to follow the instructions exactly. Swab on a few dabs of tea-tree oil to cool the skin immediately after all the steps on the box and do not apply any makeup for at least a few hours afterwords to prevent bumps

Touch Up the Area:
Don’t worry if a few missed stray hairs still have to be tweezed when you’re done. Just go in with a tweezer ot fill in any mistakes with an eyebrow pencil between until you get it right.