Beauty How-To: Make a Manicure Last

Nothing’s more frustrating than spending time and money to manicure your fingernails, only to find the color chipping off the next day. Avoid the second-day-scrapes with our tips for making your nails shine for longer.

Clean Nail Surface:
Remove the last coats of color you put on and soak your fingers in warm water (try vinegar or cider for a serious soak) to prep your nail for longer color.

No Shaking Nail Color:
Don’t shake the bottle of color before you apply polish, and if you are getting your nails done at a salon tell the manicurist to do the same. Shaking a nail polish bottle adds bubbles of air to the laquer that contribute to chipping. Instead, roll the bottle in between your palms a few times to even the polish.

Use a Base Coat:
Use a base coat to keep polish from staining the nail.

Cover the Tips:
Make your nail color last by covering the nail tips horizontally when you apply nail color. By coping the tips of your nails you seal a vulnerable spot for chipping to start.

Apply Thin Coats of Color:
It’s better to apply two or three coats of thin layers of polish than thicker coats. Thin coats, if they are allowed to dry between applications, adhere to the nail surface better.

Wear a Top Coat:
Apply a clear top coat and let it dry 30 minutes to one hour.

Maintain Your Nail Color Between Manicures:
To maximize the life of your nail color, refresh the top coat every two to three days. Repair any chips immediately when they occur by buffing and filling. Moisturize your hands and nails so dryness doesn’t cause cracks in the nail color.

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