Beauty How-To: Maintain Your Colored Hair

The walk out of a salon after a fresh coloring is commercial bliss. It’s shiny, it’s smooth, it’s even, and it’s totally glam. Fast forward two months later and the same locks look duller, uneven, and trashed. If only you had listened to us and learned how to maintain your died strands…

If your hair isn’t as healthy or strong as it could be, prep your strands before your next coloring treatment. Start off with a good protein and deep moisturizing treatment or a moisturizing conditioner for color treated hair a week or two in advance of your color service to strengthen your tresses.

Keep It Cool:
Once you’ve colored your hair, always wash it gently in lukewarm water. Hot water dries out color-treated hair, and will cause it to fade faster.

Don’t Strip It:
Color-treated hair requires extra conditioning to retain it’s vibrance. Only use shampoo products that are formulated for color-treated hair. Stick with thick, creamy shampoos and conditioners, and avoid washing your hair when you don’t need to. Over washing will strip the color from your strands.

Skip the Alcohol:
Avoid the overuse of alcohol-based finishing products like hair sprays, spritzes, mousses and gels. While these products give us the holding power we crave, the quick-drying alcohols in them will fade your hair color prematurely.

Give Your Hair a Break:
Leave time in between colorings and other chemical treatments like relaxers or perms. And remember to alter your color slightly: jumping from Adam’s-famil-black to Barbie-blond will wreak havoc on the strongest hair.

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