Beauty How-To: Maintain Choose Blush for Back Skin Tones

Good blush should always compliment your skin tone, otherwise it fades away or pops like clown makeup. While the most fool proof way to pick a blush is experimenting and sampling colors, there are a few rules of thumb when it comes to buying blush for black women.

The Golden Rule:
The rule of thumb for choosing a shade of blush regardless of whether you are black, African American or any other race is to choose a hue three shades darker than your skin. Anything paler won’t show up up, and anything darker provides too much contrast.

Choose a Complementary Color:
There is no one color or range of colors that suits black or African American women. Choose a color that complements your own skin tone, and you think enhances your natural complexion.

Say No to Red:
Red and rosy colors look unnatural on dark skin because it provides too bold a contrast. Avoid these shades all together- no one wants to look like their makeup was painted on.

Universal Blush Colors for Black and African American Women:
Any blush with a plum or bronze base looks rad on black skin. Stick to shades that fall within the purple or brown families of blush

The Bronzer Alternative to Blush:
If you want a lighter, less bold alternative to wearing blush, black women have the option of using bronzer to add color and definition to their cheeks. Dust bronzing powder on the cheek bones and into the apples of your cheeks and blend upward, highlighting the curves of your face.