Beauty How-To: French Braid Your Hair

The boho-chic look never goes out of style, probably because it is easy and low maintenance. The key to laid back hair is a french braid, which looks cool on its own, as a built-in headband, or a ponytail accessory.

Classic French Braid:
The classic French braid is a single, layered braid that begins at center front hairline. To change the look, decide where you want to start your braid and simply follow the same instructions from a new point.

Humble Beginnings:
After brushing your wet hair to remove tangles, separate a 2-inch section of hair from the center front hairline to the crown of your head. Split it up int three equal strands, and bring first the right side segment over the center segment, then the left, the same way you would start a normal braid.

Going French:
When it’s time to pull the right side segment over the center a second time, add a ½-inch segment of hair from the right side of your head, closest to the braid. You are just incorporating more of your hair each time you make a cross-over. Do the same when you pull the left side segment over the center.

Continuing to Completion:
With each new crossover, continue adding a ½-inch hair segment. When all of the hair is incorporated into the braid, continue braiding as you would a normal braid.

Finishing Touches:
secure the braid with an elastic, or tuck it underneath itself for a fancier almost-updo.

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