Beauty How-To: Chose the Right Shade of Concealer

We consider concealer a magic potion. Sleepless night? Poof, no more circles. Blemished cheeks? Abra kadabra, flawless complexion. The wrong shade and brand of concealer looks more like a botched skin graph than makeup magic, so here are some tips to make the right choice.
Go Lighter:
Concealer should always be covered with foundation, so the color is more about hiding imperfections than matching your exact skin tone. Go one full shade lighter than your skin and your concealer will more effectively cover redness, under eye bags and blemishes.

The Neck Test:
The only way to know what a concealer will look like on is to test it yourself. Pat a sample of the product on the patch of neck that rests just under the ear. When the makeup looks one half to one full shade lighter than your skin, you’ve found your match. When in doubt, opt for a concealer with yellow undertones, which tends to be universally flattering and counter the blue in veins and the under-eye area.

Porcelain and Pale
Fair skinned women can’t always find a shade lighter than their skin without buying mime makeup, but because imperfections on light skin are the more difficult to cover, picking a concealer that covers well and won’t smudge is important. Look for a brand that offers a dewy, radiant finish instead of a matte look.

Asian and Olive:
Standard concealers often come in the trite light, medium, and dark varieties, and fail to recognize the thousands of tones in between. Professional and high quality brands offer concealers with yellow and olive undertones, addressing the needs of Asian, Mediterranean, Native American and Latina women.

Light to Medium:
The difference between light and medium shades of concealer can be hard to notice, but the subtle changes undertones determine wether a shade blends easily or stands out like a spot of mud on your face. If a skin test doesn’t reveal the perfect shade for you, check with the experts at a makeup counter or match service.

Medium to Dark:
Women with dark skin should avoid going too light with their concealer, which will emphasize imperfections instead of hiding them. A moisturizing concealer with red undertones will cover smoothly and counteract ashy tones.

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