Beauty How-To: Chose a Blush for Asian Skin

The yellow undertones of Asian skin are complimented by a narrow array of colors. When pink blush clashes with your porcelain skin and makes you look like someone bitch-slapped you with a strawberry lollipop, consult our guidelines for selecting your perfect rouge.

Lay the foundation:
Before using blush, apply foundation. Find a foundation that has the same undertones as your natural skin. Bobbi Brown products tend to have the same undertones as Asian skin.

Tips for blending in blush:
Apricot blushes will blend nicely with Asian skin for a more natural look since the color is a combination of pink and yellow. Prfessional makeup counters will carry apricot colors, as will your local drug store so there’s no need to break the bank on a fairer flush of the face.

Applying blush to a wider face:
Wider faces need blush that is contoured to thin the face. Apply a highlighter to cheekbones and avoid focusing on the apples f your cheeks. Less is more when it comes to adding color.

Applying blush to a narrower face:
Narrower faces can afford to add a little color to the apples of cheeks. Again, use just a little blush to maintain a natural look.

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