Beauty How-To: Apply Fake Nails

Making fake nails look real starts with choosing the right tips, and ends with a good application. You can have cat-worthy claws without dropping serious dough at the salon, just follow our DIY tips.

Pick Out the Right Product:
You’ll find press- or stick-on nails (pre-glued), natural-looking nails, designed nails, and nail tips or extensions when you go shopping for your new set. Decide what look you want and choose accordingly.

Prepare Nails: Clean & Trim:
Wash your hands thoroughly and remove any nail polish you may be wearing. Trim your nails and file them- nothing says “fake!” like natural nails peeking out from under tips.

Try On Fake Nails & File to Size:
The fake nails will likely be numbered or labeled in some way because they are each a different size. If you find that one of your nails is in between sizes, file down the larger of the sizes until it fits your nail bed.

Apply Nail Glue:
Press-on nails are prepared for you, but if you are using nail glue you’ll need to place a dot of the adhesive on the inside of the fake nail and on the top of your natural nail before you place it on.

Attach Nails
As soon as glue has been properly applied for one nail, begin attaching the fake nail by firmly pressing it down at the cuticle first, working your way up to the tip. Keep pressing down on the nail for about 5 seconds.

If Desired, File & Paint:
Now that your nails are attached, file and polish them as you would your natural nail.

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