Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Yeasayer To The Watson Twins

It’s new release Tuesday and you know what that means, hot stuff. It’s time to take the latest, raddest tuneage for a spin! This week has got some outta-this-world electro clank that’ll have you wanting to go bionic, thanks to Yeasayer, Phantogram, and Massive Attack. Then, on the flip side, we got some lady ballads bustin’ out as the Watson Twins start two-timing Jenny Lewis and Sade makes a comeback. So, let’s get into the groove after the jump.

Yeasayer, Odd Blood
Tricked-out machines jangle and chime positive vibes. As the band describes themselves, they are “Enya with bounce.” And def cooler.

The Watson Twins, Talking To You, Talking To Me
Jenny Lewis’ fave lady duo does a record on their own. It’s so folksy and country you almost can’t believe it was recorded in L.A.

Phantogram, Eyelid Movies
Kickin’ electro ballads with the kind of vocal female phantasm that’ll haunt your sonic memory for good.

Sade, Soldier Of Love
The Smooth Operator still has sexy grooves, but the lyrics are a heartbroken boner killer.

Massive Attack, Heligoland
Tripped-out, electro-beat poetry: Massive Attack makes a solid fifth record.