33 Make-Out Hot Spots

Our buddies over at Ask Men wrote a lovable little list of the 10 Best Places To Make Out. Aw! They came up with exciting locales like the backseat of a car, a movie theater, and a couple other staples of our hookup queen years. But those guys like women like us because we’ve got lots of imagination. So, let’s get creative, ladies, and show the gents just where we like to get frisky.

  1. At the beach
  2. At a red light
  3. Sneaking around in the office broom closet [Simcha! Don’t give away our special secret! — Editor]
  4. While watching fireworks
  5. While waiting for dinner to cook
  6. While picnicking
  7. In a garden
  8. In the rain
  9. In the snow
  10. Overlooking a bridge
  11. Riding in a ski lift
  12. Canoeing
  13. Sailing
  14. Yachting
  15. Strolling in a park
  16. Under an outdoor gazebo
  17. Under a waterfall
  18. In a hot tub (so long as it’s not the one from the “Jersey Shore” house)
  19. While watching the sun set
  20. While watching the sun rise
  21. While taking a bath or shower together
  22. While slow dancing
  23. While holding a bouquet of flowers
  24. During a ballad at a concert
  25. After she shows you her new haircut
  26. When your gal seems nervous
  27. When you walk in the door from work
  28. Under a full moon
  29. Camping in a tent
  30. Before the plane takes off
  31. Right when you find her in a crowd
  32. Up against a wall
  33. Splayed across the kitchen counter

I know you’ve got some more sexy ideas. Add your sweet spot in the comments.