Would You Wear It: Fringe Tights

The Cut points to these Wolford fringe tights and declares them “tights for the woman who wants to look like a Clydesdale.” When you’re standing still, it looks like you forgot to shave your legs for the last decade. When you move-it, move-it, it looks like you work at the Copacabana. How much for the privilege of rocking these tiered fringe stockings? $425. Ouch. Still, they are Wolford, which, if you’ve never tried them, are the greatest hosiery known to woman. They don’t come cheap, but they are practically impossible to run, and they look and fit like no other stockings. If you want to start your Wolford collection with something less expensive but equally head-turning, try their Diamond Tights ($58) or the Hot Dot Tights with a peekaboo faux garter ($65).