Women Suicide Bombers Hiding Bombs In Their Breast Implants

According to British intelligence agencies, terrorists claim that women suicide bombers are undergoing surgery to have bombs put in their breast implants. Rather than hide a bulky bomb under clothing or in a satchel, a body-implanted explosive device would defy any external check. But is it possible to have explosives inserted into a breast implant? Dr. Craig Person, a plastic surgeon in Maryland, says yes. “You could certainly put a liquid of any kind in a saline device, and a gel implant theoretically could be opened and replaced with a different type of gel,” Person says, and such a substance would be difficult to detect with a scanner. How to detonate such a device likely remains problematic for aspiring breast implant terrorists, though. “What we’ve seen is, at least, the al Qaeda explosives competence, while they are visionary with their devices, they’re not terribly competent with actually being able to get something to detonate,” says terrorism expert and CEO of BERG Associates Larry C. Johnson. For now, breast implant terror remains undetonated. [Detroit Free Press]