Why Am I Suddenly Sort Of Rooting For Vienna?

Last week, with the revelation of topless pics and rumors that she had a boyfriend, I was questioning Vienna Girardi, one of the final four women on “The Bachelor.” And while I’m not ready to join Team Vienna quite yet, I’m starting to like the girl a little more. Why? Just cause I’m getting sick of everyone hating on her. Last week, her ex-husband, Josh Riley told Us Weekly some pretty damaging pieces of information—mainly that Vienna cheated on him while he was deployed in Iraq. He also said that when he returned after being injured, Vienna had cleaned out the last $5,000 from his bank account and put all his stuff in storage, and wouldn’t tell him where it was. “She took every bit of his money,” Vienna’s former mother-in-law said. “I know that boob job was the first thing she had done.”

Of course, Vienna’s friends have taken to the interwebs to defend her. “Vienna was a straight A student at school and got an academic scholarship to go to college,” a family friend told RadarOnline.com. “Her father was devastated when she got married and moved to North Carolina but he loaned her the money to set up their new lives there. Josh said that she had stolen the money from him but really she had just taken the money out of their account that she owed her father for his loan … She left $5,600 in their savings account and the family has the bank records as proof … She came back from this marriage and went straight back to college and got a degree. She worked at Hooters and she bought her boobs by herself and I don’t think she is even finished paying off.”

Who knows who is telling the truth. All I’m saying is that the rumors are piling up to the point where they’re getting harder to believe.

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