Who Is This Woman Giving A Tour Of Reggie Bush’s House?

So this video surfaced over the weekend just in time for the Super Bowl, and in it a woman named Carmen Ortega is giving a “Cribs”-style tour of Reggie Bush’s home in California. Carmen, who is a “model” and alleged professional escort, has said the she was the catalyst that broke up him and Kim Kardashian. (Kim and Reg are back together and potentially on the way to getting engaged.) She and her friend behind the camera made this video after having an alleged threesome with Reggie. There are eight things I learned from watching this quick video. Find them out after the jump.

  1. Reggie definitely has a type. Or at least a favorite body part. (Can you guess what it is?)
  2. He has really horrible taste in decor.
  3. Carmen is more boooring than Kim’s sex tape with Ray J.
  4. Carmen’s friend behind the camera seems to be in love with her. (We wanted to see the view, not another close-up of Carmen’s face.)
  5. Reggie needs a can of WD-40 for the door to the garage.
  6. Playing with your ponytail isn’t cute or flirty.
  7. Sticking your butt out gives your body a really odd shape.
  8. And, Carmen has nothing on Kim K.