What’s Your Earliest Fashion Memory?

Reason #327 why I love Mary-Kate Olsen: She, too, isn’t bashful about her past fashion choices, and is perhaps the queen of bad kid style. In a quote caught by Elle magazine, she says, “My first favorite clothing item was a pair of spandex shorts with fringe on them! Leopard and white spandex.” Wow. Honestly, those sound kind of amazing. See, my 4-year-old self would have been all over them. [Twitter]

Like any self-respecting 5-year-old girl, I took it upon myself to curate my fashion sense early on. Since my parents were the bohemian “let her be creative and wear whatever” types, I somehow came to acquire a shamelessly distinctive wardrobe (purchased, I assume, with Monopoly money). It started with all things gold. There was a gold lamé bikini that I took to wearing around the house and while watching TV. Then came a gold lamé miniskirt, which, despite its completely hookerish glamour, my parents allowed me to wear to nursery school. In third grade, I brought poodle skirts back into vogue, and a year later, I lived in a pair of floral Doc Martens. I have no shame for my adoration of these half-dozen items—no matter how crazy they looked—that came to shape the landscape of my childhood.

So, what are some of your earliest or favorite fashion memories from childhood? Share in the comments, please!