Jenny Craig Ends Ad Campaign After Its “Major Study” Is Called Fake

It’s a weight-loss company smackdown! Score one point for Weight Watchers, which convinced a judge last week to ban Jenny Craig from broadcasting its latest commercial because it contained — how do I put this? — untruths. According to the Weight Watchers lawsuit, Jenny Craig’s latest ad fudges some facts spouted by spokeswoman Valerie Bertinelli. In the banned commercial, Bertinelli walks around a laboratory in a white lab coat, gestures to some nerdy-looking scientists, and says a “major clinical trial … run by some serious lab geeks” found that dieters who used Jenny Craig lost twice as much weight as ones who used Weight Watchers.

In real life, however, that “major clinical trial” doesn’t exist.In a lawsuit filed in January, Weight Watchers claimed that Jenny Craig referenced two separate studies that compared each company’s diet plan to do-it-alone diets, yet called those two studies one “major clinical trial.” The lawsuit also claimed the study of Weight Watchers’ weight-loss methods that Jenny Craig used weren’t even current.

In a statement, Jenny Craig refused to admit any wrongdoing, but the company agreed to stop comparing its current methods to old studies about Weight Watchers. Pretty shady stuff, huh? []