Beauty How-To: Deal with Light/Blond Eyebrows

Bombshell blond is a great color for tresses, but when it comes to eyebrows light hair can leave you looking more Whoppie Goldberg than Brigitte Bardot. No matter, because with a mascara wand and some shadow liner, light brows can pop.

Start with Some Definition:
Why emphasize unshapely brows? Brush the hair upwards and trim the excess ends that extend over your natural brow line. Then pluck and brush to your desired shape.

Use Gel or Clear Mascara for Emphasis:
Keep clear mascara on hand to tame stray hairs and add extra attention to lighter-hued hair. A bristley wand is perfect for combing the gel into the brows.

Substitute Natural Color Eye Shadow for Eyebrow Pencil:
Eyebrow pencils are often too dark or generic for the various shades of light hair. Instead of scouring the isles for your shade of pencil, find an eyeshadow to match your brows. Brush the shadow into eyebrows to fill and unwanted spaces or uneveness.

Create a Natural Look:
Use short, soft strokes when blending products into the brows. It will soften the application between hair, which looks more natural than a single straight line.

Disinvite the Bacteria:
Remember to replace your eyebrow make-up every six months.

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