Beauty How-To: Apply Mascara to Make Your Lashes Look Fuller

Today’s mascaras are so high tech you’d think NASA designed them. Some lift and separate, others vibrate and curl, and some use every trick in the book to make your eyes look like they’re drenched in miracle grow. Mo matter what tube of black magic you’ve got, it’s all in the application.

Select a Quality Mascara:
Evaluate your lashes and pick the right type of mascara for your needs. If you are an on-the-go gal, reach for a long lasting formula like L’Oreal’s 24 hour Lash Boost. Sweep on waterproof mascara if you work out frequently, like” target=”new”>Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof, or a volumizing brand, like CoverGirl’s Lash Blast, for thin and sparse lashes.

Start with Your Finished Makeup Look:
Think of mascara as the icing on the cake. Apply all of your makeup first and then use mascara for a finishing touch.

Curl Your Lashes:
Take a metal eyelash curler to still-bare lashes and squeeze those suckers for about 5 seconds,

Prep Your Lashes:
To prep lashes before applying mascara, used a primer like Lancome’s booster base. Double-ended formulas already include a primer on one side.

Apply Mascara to Top Side of Lashes:
Wiggle the mascara brush on the upper side of your top lashes, starting at the roots to tease lashes into fullness.

Apply Mascara Along the Length:
Working your mascara from the inner corner of your eye to the outer eye crease, wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes and then pull fluidly upwards through the strands.

Repeat on Underside of Lashes:
Repeat the mascara application on the underside of your top lashes for a fuller, more dramatic look.

Let It Dry:
Let your lashes breathe before applying a second coat. There is no use going over wet eyelashes and any more than a double layer will leave you with spider eyes.

Apply Mascara to Bottom Lashes:
For a wide-eyed look, keep a tissue under your lower lashes to prevent mascara from getting on your skin and give them a quick swipe with the wand.

Separate Lashes:
Once they are completely dry, work a mascara comb, starting at the roots, through to the ends of your lashes to separate them. A tweezer is also a great tool to split up clumped lashes.

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