Beauty How-To: Apply Mascara to Get Twiggy Style Lashes

Draw in crowds with Twiggy’s signature lashes. Flirty and mod, this 60’s style makes for a dazzling doll-eyed look; perfect for the sleep deprived beauty go-getter.

Prepare the Backdrop:
The key is to keep the focus on the eyes. Foundation and blush should be minimal to avoid looking more Rue Paul than Twiggy.

Add Some Eye Shadow:
Dust a white base from lash line to brow bone, and follow with a swipe of blue shadow across your lid. For a go-go pop, use black shadow in the crease for an exaggerated line.

Get Out the Eyeliner:
Don’t be stingy and apply a good portion of black eye liner to the upper and lower lash lines.

Time for the Twiggy Lashes Below…:
With the eyeliner, draw exaggeratedly long lower lashes on each eye.

…And on Top:
Use a metal eyelash curler to shape your upper lashes, and follow up with a thick coat of mascara. For a show-stopping add on, glue fake eyelashes to the upper lid.

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