Beauty How-To: Apply Individual Fake Eyelashes

Mascara is probably what God created on the 7th day, but nothing in a tube can do the work of falsies. It’s like comparing a push-up bra to a boob job: the results are not the same. We wonder why two strands of feathery lashes seem so scary to women, especially when the application is a cinch! Instead of working with a full set of lashes, try placing a few of the individual fakes where your eyes are wanting, or on the outer corners for a catty evening look.

Avoid a Bad Reaction:

Fake lashes should make your eyes look like they grabbed some extra hours of sleep, not like you wiped them with your neighbor’s cat. To avoid a bad allergic reaction, dot the application glue onto your inner wrist and wait for 24 hours to see if any irritation occurs.

Match the Curl:

Man-made lashes have a curve all their own, so make sure to curl your own lashes with a tool like Shu Uemura’s award winning curler before and after you apply the falsies. For resistant lashes, try a heated eyelash curler, like Sephora’s professional design.

Match the Length:

Gab a group of the individual fake lashes and hold them up to your real ones. If they are the same length you’re in luck. Otherwise keep the false lashes away from your eye and trim them down with” target=”new”>Anastasia’s brow scissors. Don’t try snipping the lash-plants after they’re glued on. No one will be able to see your gorgeous lashes under the eye patch you’ll need when the scissors slip.

Add Glue:

Add just a small dot of glue to the base of the fake lash by dropping some glue onto a sheet of paper and using a toothpick to apply the adhesive. Some lash sets include glue, otherwise try Shu Umera lash adhesive.

Attach Lashes:

Wait a few seconds for the lash adhesive to get tacky. Press the falsies at the root of your natural lashes and wait until it feels secure. If you’re adding several individual or clusters of lashes, start application at the outer corner and work your way in.

Cover Your Tracks:

Most eyelash glue will dry clear, but if any white spots remain; it’s easy to cover up. Just apply a dark shadow or liquid liner over the residue to keep your secret.

Apply the Finishing Touch:

Apply mascara as you usually would, sweeping upward from the base of your natural lashes through the false clusters and to the tips. This adds cohesion and a little extra umph.